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Green Me Up Scotty!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Denver broke the all-time record for most 90+ degree days in a single year in 2020, with a total of 74 days. Immediately after that event was over, our attention shifted to the smoke forecast as Colorado's beautiful blue skies and mountain landscapes become gray and dismal from gusty winds bringing us smoky haze from neighboring westerns states' forest fires. Then our state experienced its largest, acreage engulfing forest fires, making records no one wanted to set.

Oppressive heat and toxic smoky air population forced many of us to stay inside our homes, as our lawns and gardens suffered from neglect. On Sunday, October 25, we received a blanket of snow. Trees, shrubs and grasses are lapping up ever bit of moisture as the sun is shining brightly overhead. It is time to treat our lawns to some much needed TLC!

When the grass stops growing in the fall, but while it is still active in the root system, is when you should apply winter fertilizers. Late October to mid-November is the recommended application time. When the snow melts and the temperature is back in the 60s, a nitrogen nourishing fall fertilizer for lawns is recommended. One pound of soluble nitrogen for every 1000 square feet or one and a half to two pounds of slow-release nitrogen for every 1000 square feet will do just fine.

We have used Scott's Brand fertilizers over several decades and can easily get their winter fertilizer at most big box stores in the area. With the ground being moist and the sun radiating overhead, I will be preparing for next year's lush green grass. So green my up Scotty!

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